On Site Testing and Consulting

RCS has the capability of transporting mobile technical equipment to mining operations in order to undertake on site rheological and material characterisation testwork. Site visits are often preferable to laboratory test work as they allow for samples to be tested in their operational environment, minimising the effects of age and transportation on their behaviour and providing the most accurate data obtainable. Furthermore, site visits are useful in providing a detailed understanding of the process under investigation, which can lead to valuable insights into problem areas and assist in formulating optimal testwork matrices.

RCS can also work alongside thickener and filtration manufacturers during testwork campaigns and provide complementary, impartial data and analysis to our customers.

List of services available through site visits

  • Shear yield stress and viscosity measurement of process streams at zero shear history
  • Settling tests
  • Filtration testwork
  • Thixotropic analysis
  • Solids SG measurements
  • Flocculant screening on fresh tailings