Front End Services

Project Front End Development

During project feasibility and design, RCS works with operators, engineering service providers, design teams and auxiliary equipment suppliers to assess process streams and operating variables. Through rheological and material characterisation testwork and analysis, we can identify potential processing issues and develop systems to mitigate operational risks.

 Feasibility Studies 

Effectively incorporating detailed rheological and material characterisation studies into the feasibility stage of a project provides invaluable information that will minimise process interruptions, utility consumption and environmental impact, leading to significant economical and operational benefits across the life of the project.

  • Mineralogical and rheological characterisation of all ore bodies to be mined during the life of a minerals processing operation facilitates seamless transition between processing of differing ore grades, allowing infrastructure, equipment requirements and project risks to be identified and anticipated, leading to fewer process interruptions.
  • Conducting in depth investigations of alternatives for disposal of process waste streams at the inception of a project is the most effective means of managing waste disposal over the life of the project, and minimises environmental impact and land reclamation costs.
  • Selection of appropriate and effective dewatering processes during the feasibility stage of a project offers economic and environmental advantages by ensuring that water recovery rates will be maximised throughout the life of the project.
  • Optimal efficiency of many unit operations depends upon maximising the mass of feed solids deliverable. Understanding the rheological characteristics of particulate slurries allows for effective design and operation of such processes and minimises pumping requirements.
  • Accurate and impartial screening of chemical additives such as flocculants, dispersants and coagulants is integral in ensuring the best product is selected for a given application.

RCS offers experienced input and analysis for the selection, design, and operation of:

  • Pumps (both single and multiple phase)
  • Thickeners and clarifiers
  • Flocculants, surfactants and other chemical additives
  • Tailings dams and other tailings storage facilities
  • Vacuum and mechanical filtration devices
  • Centrifuges
  • Mixing units
  • Autoclaves

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