Company Profile

A detailed understanding of the factors affecting the transport, flow and dewaterability of process streams allows operations to manipulate rheological characteristics of materials to optimise mixing, separation, pumping and pipeline transport. Accurately characterising the dewaterability of waste streams is essential for the selection of appropriate solid-liquid separation equipment and maximising water recovery rates from waste disposal facilities.

Rheological Consulting Services Pty Ltd (RCS) delivers this knowledge to our clients through rheological and dewatering characterisation testwork for fluids, slurries, sludges and pastes in a range of operational environments. Particular areas of expertise are rheological characterisation of non-Newtonian mineral slurries and pastes, colloid and surface chemistry, and the evaluation and optimisation of material dewaterability.

RCS provides consultation services, conducts laboratory and on-site studies, and provides training courses for numerous companies and consulting engineers worldwide in the minerals, oil and gas, water treatment, pharmaceutical and food industries, evaluating and characterising both process and waste streams for increased process control, cost savings, risk mitigation and environmental benefit.

Through its association with the Particulate Fluids Processing Centre (PFPC) at the University of Melbourne, RCS has access to leading edge research and technology. Our close association with the centre allows for unequalled access to world class facilities and leading edge experience and knowledge of a vast range of industries.